Sue Marshall Arena

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 We are excited to announce that ground has been broken for the Bend Agility Action Dogs, Sue Marshall Arena.  The 100 X 120 indoor facility will be the future home base for BAAD.

It will be a steel structure and will feature a 90 X 100 clear span arena, a 20 X 90 indoor crating area, a 120 X 10 fenced indoor walkway for access from both ends of the building, skylights, and lighting for evening activities.  The arena will be accessed off Neff Road and will have graveled driveways and parking areas.

Completion is anticipated late summer or early fall.  Watch this spot for updates and photos on construction progress. 

The components for the new BAAD arena arrived from Texas on April 27 on two 48-foot trucks.  There was a crew on hand to unload the trucks and stack the steel until the concrete footings are complete and ready for the structure.


Finally moving forward...On August 1 the concrete footings for the bases were poured. It took seven large concrete trucks. The next step will be building the footings for the piers that will be poured in a tall column on top of the bases.

October 9: Pouring concrete for the last of the retaining walls and the tension ties inside the area. League has begun and we are hoping to have a roof over our heads before serious winter weather sets in.

Well we made it through League without our Arena! Unfortunately, countless delays by the contractor made League a week by week, nail-biting affair. But, the weather gods prevailed and we got it done.

The week of November 13 saw some real progress as the vertical supports were installed. We are hoping for no more delays from the contractor as we push forward.

Things are starting to get real interesting! It's starting to look like a real arena!

(Thanks to Cathy for sending us these pictures)

12-13-17...Moving right along with framing. If the weather holds, they will complete the North wall next week and be ready for a roof! So far the forecast for next week looks good for construction

LOOK!!! It's a's a plane...No, it's a roof! Yes, a real live Sue Marshall Arena Roof!


Woo Hoo....It's coming together! 🙂

The walls are beginning to take shape. Wind has been a factor in getting the large pieces of sheet metal in place.

BAAD wishes to thank Cathy and Greg Jensen for making this Arena possible!