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B.A.A.D's 2016 Northwest League Team Members


Bend Agility Action Dogs has three general types of memberships:

 1) Individual Membership - Membership is open to an individual eighteen (18) years of age or older.

 2) Household Membership – Membership is open to a household with at least one person eighteen (18) years of age or older.

3) Limited Membership - These are non-voting and non-participating in any privileges of the Club membership other than those designated by the specified membership. A Limited Membership shall designated as a subscriber, a competitor, or a student. These categories may be expended by a vote of the membership as needed.

 Members are entitled to participate in all events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Bend Agility Action Dogs Club of Central Oregon, to attend all meetings held by the Club, and to receive any discounts approved by the Board for entry fees, class fees, or other events sponsored by the Club.  Members shall have preferences for Club events for which admission is limited if the member’s entry form was received in a timely manner.

Members are entitled to vote at all general membership meetings.  An individual member is entitled to one vote; household members are limited to a maximum of two votes per household.  

Members are entitled to use Club equipment and training time at the Club’s designated training facility after the member has demonstrated control of his/her dog and basic course etiquette

Members are required to remit the one-time equipment fee of $75 and the current annual dues as determined at the time of acceptance into the Club.

 If you're interested in joining, please print and complete the BAAD Membership Application and a BAAD Waiver for each dog you wish to include.  Then send an email to to schedule a time for a membership eligibility evaluation.

Thank you for your interest.


One time equipment fee $75, due at time of joining.

Individual Member $50 (one person with one vote and one dog)

Household Member $75 (two or more persons with two votes, one dog)

Limited Member $25 (one person, one dog)

Each additional dog is $10

Note: Annual dues may be prorated if joining mid-year.